Thursday, 4 October 2012

Question words

There are many different ways to form questions. Let's look at two kinds of questions: yes / no questions and  WH- questions.

Yes / No Questions

A yes / no question is a question that can be answered with yes or no.

Is he Italian?    Yes, he is  /   No, he isn't

Do you like music?       Yes, I do  /  No, I don't

WH- Questions

You ask for information using WH- question words (who, what, where, how, whose, why, and when).
WH- Word
Where is the park?Where
Information about place
question word + auxiliary verb + subject
The park is over there.
What is your name?What
Information about things
question word + auxiliary verb + subject
My name is Sally.
Why is the car wet?Why
Information about the reason for something

question word + auxiliary verb + subjectThe car is wet because it was raining.
When do you study?When
Information about time
question word + auxiliary verb + subject (+ verb)
I study after dinner.
How do you drink your coffee?How
Information about the manner or way in which something is done

question word + auxiliary verb + subject (+ verb)I drink my coffee with milk and sugar.
Who lives in that house?Who (subject)
Information about people

question word + verbMy sister lives in that house.
Whose pen is this?

Now, let's try some exercises: Write the questions, check your answers and then click on Next exercise
Information about possession (who the owner is)


question word + subject + verb

Exercises: question words
That is Tom's pen.

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